Symbiotic EP


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Self-titled six track debut EP

I Encounters With The Absurd
II The Unknown
III Architects Of Creation
IV Astral Rejection
V Fire Meets Flesh
VI Circle Irrational


released April 20, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Bacey (Ominous Ruin)

Album art by Nathan Lee (



all rights reserved


SYMBIOTIC San Jose, California

Formed in 2011 by Ron Earhart (drums), Nathan Lee (guitars), and Steven Metz (guitars).

The three persevered through several line-up changes until finally acquiring Kris Cana on vocals. Kris's close friend, and former bandmate, Juan Alvarado (bass), joined soon after to complete the five piece.

Late 2016, Josh Dusan returned to Symbiotic where he stepped up as its permanent bass player.
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Track Name: Encounters With The Absurd
altered delusion

dignity is lost
inside the mind
convulsions lapse
into tremors

thoughts of violence

absurdity is lurking
inside the mind
thoughts of homocide
altered behavior

is lost
inside the mind
thought processes changing
their functions
convulsions lapse
into tremors
encounters with the absurd

altered state of being
subconscious mind takes over
thought patterns cease to exist
degraded internally

autonomous form
controlling motor functions
zombified human
brainless remnants

Metamorphosis of the mind
absolved of conscious reason
synapse severed
neurological amputation

autonomous form
controlling motor functions
zombified human
brainless remnants

insanity spreading throughout the cortex
breeding thoughts of violence
innocence lost behind the veil
reality begins to shatter

shattered existence

brainless form
still alive
looking for a victim

spreading through
out the cortex

act as thoughts
performing deeds
synapse severed

spreading through
out the cortex

altered behavior
encounters with the absurd
Track Name: The Unknown
meet the unknown

blood leaks from the wound
impaled by an unknown entity
the human form grows weak
your soul will soon be released

fall to your knees
as you breathe you last breath
identity erased
the unknown watches you bleed

reality is lost in the void of disillusion
visions of the past begin to fade
don't be afraid of your transcendence
into this dark domain

where is your faith now
slipping into the other side
have you realized your misunderstanding
when you see there is no light

darkness surrounds you
in between worlds
waiting for rapture
your hopes left unheard

spirits surround you
drag you down
into the abyss
your soul will drown

emptiness fills your being
nameless and obscure
return to the realm of the living
to claim a life that's pure

you become the unknown
harvester of human souls
sadistic harbinger of decadence

you have now become the unknown
Track Name: Architects Of Creation
darkness was shattered
unveiling worlds
to be forgotten
to be exposed
delusional deities not contempt with their power
created lives to control

an ancient covenant emerged from the cosmic womb
manifesting life from stardust
architects of creation
unleashed the infestation

to perpetuate their egotistical lust

forming the molds
creating life
they watched as we squirmed
inside our planetary hives

mankinds story unfolded
before their eyes
could not predict their failure
too soon to realize

architects of creation

their creations evolved to comprehend facts
and sort the truth from their lies
now was the time to cover their tracks
before their control could subside

manipulating history to suit their agenda
trapped in a whirlpool of lies
destroying the facts to prevent questions
leaving a storytale behind

architects of creation
spread their false knowledge
to prevent civilization
from reaching truth
Track Name: Astral Rejection
awakened from my sleep
by a presence of evil
opening my eyes
to see the silhouette revealed

it's looming over me
i hear it breathing
as it gets closer
i cannot move

everything's paralyzed
except for my eyes
the dark figure
feeds off of my life

it's looming over me
i hear it breathing
as it gets closer
i cannot move

astral rejection

leaving my physical body behind
no going back to what was before
an abscence of enlightenment
out of body, out of mind

left in a state of reflection
my own personal prison
my astral form lies trapped
in between dimensions

astral rejection

feeding until nothing's left
it has no sympathy
i see it growing stronger
leeching from my vibratory frequency

leeching energy
consuming force

there is no astral plane
only a place for the mind
to reveal its true nature
as thoughts leave sanity behind

nightmares become reality
in this dimension of suffering

the embodiment of the damned
welcomes you with open hands
Track Name: Fire Meets Flesh
eons of failure amounting to nothing
the ancients grow tired of waiting
now is the time to erase their mistakes
leaving no trace of the species

embers of skin raining down from the sky
igniting the ground leaving nowhere to hide
wrath of the divine
consumes all mankind

the inferno eats through your skin
you scream out in pain as the torture begins
you cannot die, only suffer
perpetual flames
eternal torture


screams turn to whispers
whispers turn to silence
a planet left scorched
bodies lie withered

this is the end

mounds of torsos
lying face down
global inferno
consumes this world

screams turn to whispers
whispers turn to silence
a planet left scorched
bodies lie withered
wrath of the divine
consumes all mankind
engulfed in flames

as the fire meets your flesh
you'll know true pain
as you die a thousand deaths
no escape

fire meets flesh

fire burns
through the flesh
engulfed in flames
scream in pain

as you burn
Track Name: Circle Irrational
now i play a diety
transcend my spirit

float the ether




profaning sin upon you

reinvoke your senses
code vex all creation

no eyes or ears
no breath to breathe

senses awry

blessed perfection

no need for thought
only to feed

offal through me

this tortured creation

infinite the pain
of self cannibalism
the savage mouth a circle

within every star the snake awaits
into the deep spiraling eternal

we are the chosen ones
children without hands and feet
feeding upon the offal of ourselves

denied a choice
and driven by greed
this is our sad lot in life

circle irrational

ironic the architecture of reality
irrational is reason enough
i am reborn
into the gnashing of teeth

this is the grand design
the great failure

the universe going no where

a glimpse of nothing
forgotten past
condemned to repeat it

we are destined
never ending

we are never destined

we are destined
ending never

we are ending
never destined

we are