Architects Of Creation




darkness was shattered
unveiling worlds
to be forgotten
to be exposed
delusional deities not contempt with their power
created lives to control

an ancient covenant emerged from the cosmic womb
manifesting life from stardust
architects of creation
unleashed the infestation

to perpetuate their egotistical lust

forming the molds
creating life
they watched as we squirmed
inside our planetary hives

mankinds story unfolded
before their eyes
could not predict their failure
too soon to realize

architects of creation

their creations evolved to comprehend facts
and sort the truth from their lies
now was the time to cover their tracks
before their control could subside

manipulating history to suit their agenda
trapped in a whirlpool of lies
destroying the facts to prevent questions
leaving a storytale behind

architects of creation
spread their false knowledge
to prevent civilization
from reaching truth


from Symbiotic EP, released April 20, 2016



all rights reserved


SYMBIOTIC San Jose, California

Formed in 2011 by Ron Earhart (drums), Nathan Lee (guitars), and Steven Metz (guitars).

The three persevered through several line-up changes until finally acquiring Kris Cana on vocals. Kris's close friend, and former bandmate, Juan Alvarado (bass), joined soon after to complete the five piece.

Late 2016, Josh Dusan returned to Symbiotic where he stepped up as its permanent bass player.
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