The Unknown




meet the unknown

blood leaks from the wound
impaled by an unknown entity
the human form grows weak
your soul will soon be released

fall to your knees
as you breathe you last breath
identity erased
the unknown watches you bleed

reality is lost in the void of disillusion
visions of the past begin to fade
don't be afraid of your transcendence
into this dark domain

where is your faith now
slipping into the other side
have you realized your misunderstanding
when you see there is no light

darkness surrounds you
in between worlds
waiting for rapture
your hopes left unheard

spirits surround you
drag you down
into the abyss
your soul will drown

emptiness fills your being
nameless and obscure
return to the realm of the living
to claim a life that's pure

you become the unknown
harvester of human souls
sadistic harbinger of decadence

you have now become the unknown


from Symbiotic EP, released April 20, 2016



all rights reserved


SYMBIOTIC San Jose, California

Formed in 2011 by Ron Earhart (drums), Nathan Lee (guitars), and Steven Metz (guitars).

The three persevered through several line-up changes until finally acquiring Kris Cana on vocals. Kris's close friend, and former bandmate, Juan Alvarado (bass), joined soon after to complete the five piece.

Late 2016, Josh Dusan returned to Symbiotic where he stepped up as its permanent bass player.
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