Astral Rejection




awakened from my sleep
by a presence of evil
opening my eyes
to see the silhouette revealed

it's looming over me
i hear it breathing
as it gets closer
i cannot move

everything's paralyzed
except for my eyes
the dark figure
feeds off of my life

it's looming over me
i hear it breathing
as it gets closer
i cannot move

astral rejection

leaving my physical body behind
no going back to what was before
an abscence of enlightenment
out of body, out of mind

left in a state of reflection
my own personal prison
my astral form lies trapped
in between dimensions

astral rejection

feeding until nothing's left
it has no sympathy
i see it growing stronger
leeching from my vibratory frequency

leeching energy
consuming force

there is no astral plane
only a place for the mind
to reveal its true nature
as thoughts leave sanity behind

nightmares become reality
in this dimension of suffering

the embodiment of the damned
welcomes you with open hands


from Symbiotic EP, released April 20, 2016



all rights reserved


SYMBIOTIC San Jose, California

Formed in 2011 by Ron Earhart (drums), Nathan Lee (guitars), and Steven Metz (guitars).

The three persevered through several line-up changes until finally acquiring Kris Cana on vocals. Kris's close friend, and former bandmate, Juan Alvarado (bass), joined soon after to complete the five piece.

Late 2016, Josh Dusan returned to Symbiotic where he stepped up as its permanent bass player.
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